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Hey Everyone!

I know that these can be quite boring, so I'm going to list a couple of random facts. 

My dream job when I was younger was to own an inn, in the US - Hello Gilmore Girls influenced. 

I'm quite creative - shocker, but equally quite quirky with my ideas and thoughts. 

Did I mention that I am sarcastic as well?

In my spare time I find nothing more relaxing than to curl up on the sofa, get comfy in some blankets with a roaring fire with either a book or my Nintendo Switch, along with copious amount of tea on hand. 

Sometimes I'll allow Matt, my partner, to join me on the sofa but depends if Cleo, the Quirky Fonts QCC (Quality Control Cat) has gotten in there first. 

Sustainability is a hugely important to me and how I run Quirky Fonts, so you'll find me searching eBay, charity shops, antique centres and fairs. 

Hope that covers anything, but if you want to ask me a random question. Get in touch for a chat!

Love, Becky

(Signwriter & Calligrapher)

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