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Signage for your big day

Whether it is for your wedding or an event you're organising you will need signage to either welcome, direct or let your guests know the order of the day. 

Each piece is hand-painted, sustainable and if not kept, re-used. 

Scroll down to see the different options as well as prices.


Welcome Signs

Show your guests that they've arrived at your party and help set the theme.
Available on wood, mirror, chalkboard and acrylic.

Order of the Day

Let your guests know when the first dance will be or when the food will be served. 
Available on wood, mirror, chalkboard and acrylic.


Seating Plan

One that is needed to let your guests know where they will be seated. 
Available on wood, mirror, chalkboard and acrylic.

Place cards

Small, but a must to accompany your seating plan.
Available on card, acrylic, wood, practically anything you can think of.

EMW_605 (1).jpg

Table Numbers

 Or names, You'll need to make sure your guests know which table to sit at.

Available on hired items, wood, acrylic or glass.

Decorative Signs

For those added extra areas at your venue. 
Available on wood, chalkboard, mirror, slate or other.

Price List

Mirror - Hired

Small - £50

Medium - £70

Large - £90

Acrylic - Clear

A1 Size - £85

A2 Size - £65

Painted on the back - £5 extra

Acrylic - Frosted 

A1 Size - £105

A2 Size - £85

Wood - Plain

A1 Size - £105

A2 Size - £95

Painted or Stained - £10 extra

Wood - Pallet Style


Ready to book?

Whilst signage is sometimes the last thing to organise, which is completely fine by the way, it is always best to enquire as soon as you can.

You don't even need to know what you would like or what wording, if you have chosen the 'Save our Date' option.

What you waiting for?

Get in touch!

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