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Wedding Signage: What do I need?

Your wedding date is fast approaching and your to-do list is slowly decreasing. But what’s this? You’ve noticed on your list that you need 'on-the-day' signage.

But what is it and why do you exactly need it?

Below I have outlined the signage that I personally would recommend, Now I am not here to say that you need every single corner, table or jar signed up. But I have divided my suggestions into what 'you need' and what should be in the 'would be nice' category.

If you do want all of the signage, keep reading for my bonus tip!

So let’s start with the ‘you need’ signage.

| Seating Plan

Seating Plan, table plan, seating chart, whatever you want to call it, you will most definitely need it. If anything it will help guests know where to sit, rather than hover in an awkward group not knowing where to go. Just whatever you do, don't share the table-plan with anyone other your partner and wedding suppliers. Otherwise, you'll find yourself getting stressed because a friend doesn't want to sit next to someone they haven't spoken to in years because they de-friended them on Facebook...

Photographer: Georgi Mabee Photography

Your seating plan can be as simple or as creative as you would like. From listing your guests in table number order or even alphabetically. We can even create a cohesive design so that it ties in with your invites or theme that you have for the day.

As long as you have the name and the table number, then you can't go wrong.

For me this is a must for all weddings...Unless you’re having a game of musical chairs during your wedding breakfast - this has happened before!

| Order of the Day

Is it any surprise that I also love these...which is a good thing as I have done quite a few, especially on pallets, which I have found that the large European ones will fit into a car, but not out - unless you take off the boot door and do some serious manoeuvring...

In all seriousness, this is a great way to list out all the main things that will be happening during the day. Not only will you be helping some intoxicated guests see when the evening food is coming out, but your wedding suppliers and venue will also be able to refer to it. Leaving you and your partner to enjoy your day, as it should be.

If you manage to source a pallet, without disassembling someone's lockdown project furniture, make sure that it as smooth as a baby's bum if you want me to write on it.

If pallet's are not your style, the order of the day can be written on other items.


Now onto the 'would be nice section'.

| Welcome Sign

Photographer: Georgi Mabee Photographer

I personally love these, as not only does it give your guests a warm welcome, but also shows them that they have arrived to the right venue, or room. Especially if it's a classic Bride Wars moment (anyone else love that film?!) where you have two weddings on the same day in the same venue!

Just like your seating plan, this can tie in with any theme that you have and can be as simple as a favourite quote or with your names, venue and wedding date on.

| Decorative Signs

Ranging in many sizes decorative signs are just means and ways of pointing out certain elements of your wedding. Whether it's for the table numbers or ones that you can place next to the sweet table, or the guest book. Most of these are not necessary, especially if you're not having a guest book. But it might be worth asking if these are already included in the package at the venue or wedding stylist that you have hired.

Photographer: Georgi Mabee Photography

Decorative signs, along with the others can really enhance your theme or style at your wedding and again, tie in with other elements.

My favourite is my collection of medium sized slate signs, as pictured here.

These can be hired individually or if you require one that is not in collection I can happily write one for you.

Did you know these use to be old roof slates - don't worry, I didn't remove them off someone's roof, these were spare. Ultimately they were destined for the tip or a lifetime in the garage, but I think they are great as small signs.


| Bonus Signage Tip!

As you can certainly imagine, having multiple signs can soon start to add up and contribute to the every increasing cost.

With on-the-day signage, why not combine? Have a welcome message above your table plan or order of the day. The difference between increasing your board size and having multiple, separate boards can be quite big.

I hope that you have found this post useful, please do get in touch for a chat if you have any questions, or you would like to book me for your big day.


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